Start from the simplest thing, what is essentially a Simulator?

Simulator-is a device, system or software that attempts to simulate the action and the reaction of the real thing. Flight Simulator or flight-oriented function to simulate as close as possible to the flight performance of aircraft. The simulators allow training apparatus, navigation, and flight dynamics similar to reality and practice unconventional flight modes or very dangerous to them (for example, fire engine) coaches/military flight commercial use with hydraulic cylinders which are also the cockpit Simulator in order to give a sense of the forces acting on the pilot during flight. In our case (simulation game that we called him – or Flight Simulator Simulator) is a Flight Simulator game where we actually are trying to move the plane flying experience. From airfare if doing the easy stuff or other games, for example – ranges of aircraft engine systems and lot more than reality. However, some domestic flight mdmi today are accurate so you could call them real simulators, and you can accumulate them flight hours (mainly for navigation) to the real planes.Some coaches can add domestic flight control (ATC) program in which supervisors and others are virtual and live aerial surveillance real blood, it increases the experience of flying in this article only on the flight home.