DCS World

First, the DCS World, the idea is that everyone have basic plporma and we install our planes, each plane was actually a separate Simulator now, install the WORLD and we are adding all the planes and the books we have. All in one place. The WORLD can already download and get him the SU-25T. In addition, the title of the new DCS As Arms, will be released soon and already this month would be an option for Kenya. Recall that this title gives us, in fact, to be the Commander of the campaign, to control power on the map, is a real time strategy game, you can also control the vehicles themselves, being tnkist, it targets etc. And is the first person in control of a tank איל2 CLOD in development. The most exciting news is news-new Eagle Dynamics DCS open to third-party developers like that really works, and FSX announced that יג21. Recently it was announced that IRIS had additives to FSX runs to DCS! And great news, IRIS made F-15E, passenger seat to FSX. And more importantly, it brings greater potential when this pace and added more maps and planes and helicopters etc. Just much bigger, in standards of DCS. Soon, will be announced the first three planes that IRIS open to DCS.